Template of Letter of Intent for Business

Letter of intent for business is the letter, in which a business entity express its interest to make a business with the other business entity or a business entity may receive the same letter from any individual, who is willing to make some business with the concerned business entity.

intent letter for business

Letter of intent for businesses is used both by the newly existed business entity, and also by the well established entities. Letter of intent for businesses works like an invitation and also as a offer as for the one party, which receives this letter it becomes an invitation to such party while it is offer from the other party’s perspective.
Letter of intent for business is used almost in every business industry, and considering that here we are offering you the template of intent for business.

This template of intent for businesses letter includes the following specifications.

  • This template of letter of intent for business has been created in the PDF format so that you can access it using any device.
  • You can also make changes to this template in the Word Software.
  • This template has also been made available in the PNG images file

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